The beginning ....

The beginning ....
our engagement night!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New York City, Day 1

What a start to the honeymoon adventure….Megan experienced a bout of motion sickness and had to puke after the flight….and the car ride to the hotel. Speaking of which, I chose to use a town car so we wouldn’t have to wait for a cab. The rationale was an extra 15 bucks for 15 minutes was well worth it since my new bride was feeling ill. After I was assured that the cost would be a flat $65 for the ride, the driver tried to stick me with a $98 bill once we arrived at the hotel! Nothing like trying to get hustled in New York City……needless to say, all he got was his $65.

From there, the day got much better. Megan took a nap and her stomach settled, so we headed off to Central Park. We’re planning on hitting it again tomorrow and renting bikes. The park is way too big to see it all by foot.

After wards, we hit Rockefeller Center and saw an episode of “30 Rock” being filmed. Tina Fey is actually much shorter in person……not that I’m one to criticize a person’s height!

We then went to the observation deck and had an amazing view of the city and a quaint lunch at the patio. It was a perfect afternoon…..even though the start was questionable and the temperature was 90 plus!

If nothing else, we are definitely on an adventure…… keep posted for the next round of the Clarks’ in NYC!